A collaborative Hack Day for Artists and Techies

A weekend for artists and scientist/engineers to explore, collaborate, converse and make work together from scratch. A free event, on 10th-11th May 2014, Project Arts Centre, Temple bar, Dublin.

See you next time!

Let's do this

Frequently, artists are asked to 'prettify' or represent science and similarly engineers or scientists are called upon to ‘technologise’ art works. What a tiresome, unrewarding, way to work. Can we together in more holistic ways? from creation to execution. Well hold on to your lovely hats, we are holding two days of collaborative making to find out.

Frequently you have questions. We have answers. By pure luck they correspond to your questions.
Share the idea you want to work on, we will share them so people can express interest in working on your idea.
Sign up to take part. Places are free but limited.

Hacking is a way to learn a new skill. To test a new idea. To try something out, without taking it—or yourself—too seriously. Hacking is fast, which means it can be sloppy. But that’s the thing about hacking—sloppiness doesn’t matter. Hacking means conjuring something from nothing. Hacking is a kind of magic.

Tess Rinearson