IDEA: Centrifuges!

Idea leader’s nameKevin Chen

Idea Details: We need more centrifuges in the lab! These will most likely be the low power mini-centrifuges, which are really convenient just for collecting drops at the bottom of a tube. If we can get a higher powered on going, that would be pretty amazing too! Here are some examples: And the commercial example: We are Synbio Axlr8r teams coming from Cork. We are teams of biohackers, coming from Canada, USA and Austria, working on projects over the summer in the field of synthetic biology and turning them into startups! For anyone that really wants to push some limits on DIYbio tech, It would be extra-amazing if we could have a device that can measure the RPM of the spinning rotor. That way, everyone can calibrate all their DIY centrifuges!

What you need to make it happen?: Things that spin, something to hold tubes in place, and hopefully some kind of protector to keep plastic from flying everywhere. People who know some electrical stuff, microprocessors (ie: arduino, for rpm tracking)…

Twitter: @RevolutionBio @BriefcaseBiotec @Muufri @HyasynthBio @SBXLR8R



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