IDEA: Batman builds Buses

Idea leader’s nameRonan O’Boyle

Idea Details: If you’re like me and don’t have great eyesight then waiting for the bus can change the configuration of your face as you squint at every large object that hurtles around the corner. Before the wind changed I had a thought the last time. If we could use searchlights to project from buses and taxi’s into the night sky then we would be able to take our eyes from our apps and look to the sky as our transport home winds towards us from a distance. Could we use the kinetic energy of the vehicles to power these lights. Could they be big enough to show the number of the bus or if a taxi is occupied or not? Imagine looking over your city and seeing it animated as these quiet dancing lights navigate the streets. The neon sign changed the landscape of our cities, perhaps a new approach can reverse engineer people away from their phones and back into relying on the real world for cues. Maybe its supplementary to our needs but there might be something in it! .

What you need to make it happen?: Lighting designers, Mechanics, Electrical Engineers, Commissioner Gordon, Poor Eyesight but great Vision.

Twitter: @stewdiodub, @ronanoboil



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