IDEA: Haptic Smartphone Bracelet

Idea leader’s name: Dave Curran

Idea Details: “In these electric age , we wear all mankind as our skin”. Marshall McLuhan What if instead of your smartphone interacting with you via a screen you felt when it wanted to tell you something? This already happens when it vibrates to say a new message has arrived. But I’ve built a bracelet with 12 mobile phone shaker motors. Using an arduino and a sensor the motor that points north shakes. This gives people a new sense of direction as described here Now I want to build a bracelet that can receive input from the dozens of sensors in a smartphone. This will allow many types of information to be conveyed to a wearer. In terms of usage the shaking of a few motors wont give people a huge amount of information. But for someone who is deaf something as simple as the direction of a sound and how loud it is could convey useful information.

What you need to make it happen?: A clothing or other wearable technology designer. I can code, solder and generally make a nuisance of myself. But I have no fashion sense or feeling how to make a wearable device people actually want to wear.

Twitter: @iamreddave

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