Idea: Head Exploder

Idea leader’s name: Sinead McDonald

Idea Details: No, not really.. I have a basic DIY EEG kit that I want to play with, see what it’s capable of. I have a bit of an idea around 3D printing emotions, and linking different brainwave patterns to different types of sound/music for a helmet/projector thing.

What you need to make it happen?: Someone with an idea about frequencies/sound? The kit gives .wav files, and you can track different frequencies of brainwaves simultaneously. It also has a motion sensor and can track heart rate etc. You can also dump the raw data (not sure what form it takes..). I dunno – someone from the software/codey end of things who wants to have fun with braaaaains? Throw some ideas around? Pretend to be in Scanners?


Twitter: @sineadw


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