Idea: Interactive Projections

Idea leader’s nameNiamh Shaw

Idea Details: I would love to create an animated sequence projected on to the floor or wall, based on my movement. And if not an actual animated sequence, at least a signal generated from my movement. This would give me the starting point for a new science art piece that I’m trying to make. It would be brilliant to collaborate with people on this.

What you need to make it happen?: Kinect camera, projector, software & hardware geniuses. I have SOME programming experience, but really need the assistance of people who are far more comfortable hacking than I am.


Twitter: @niamhiepoos


2 thoughts on “Idea: Interactive Projections

  1. I got a kinect which I’ll bring it along. I’ve done a small amount of work in processing with it, which uses the openNI library. I think it should be possible to send midi signals from that to connect with other theatre software (light etc). There is also the microsoft kinect SDK which I have not used.

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