Project Outcomes

Cartesian Portraits



  • People Involved: Sinead McDonald, Jamie O’Leary, Becky Yates, Xro, David McDonald, Ed Kenny, Krys
  • Project Description: Measuring EEG of cats on the brain, transforming it in an audio file, and 3D printing the result.
  • Links to photos, code etc:

Interactive self stirring spoon

  • People Involved: Angie Duignan, Jeffrey Roe & Joe Mansfield.
  • Project Description: Interactive self stirring spoon using hacked servo motor,Ultra sonic sensor,Arduino Uno & Motor shield, Neodymium magnets, Cup & spoon. As the audience interacts with the cup the spoon starts to stir moving faster as one goes closer to the cup and slower as on moves away.
  • Links to photos, code etc:

Interactive Projections

Tesla spirit radio

  • People Involved: Seb Dooris Emma Herrin
  • Project Description: The project was to create a new musical instrument based upon the tesla spirit radio design using recycled materials. Two large RF signal antennas were built and one electronic circuit.
  • Links to photos, code etc: None yet.

Pixy Cam -> Fan -> Waterbottle

  • People Involved: Sarah, Kevin, Martin + others
  • Project Description: We started learning how to use Sarah’s Pixy Cam, and worked on using it activate a fan which was positioned to blow air over a waterbottle to make a sound. The sound could be controlled by changing the water level using a tube connected to the water bottle. The Pixy with an arduino worked well to activate a light and a buzzer, and the fan worked when connected to a 12V power source. But, we couldn’t quite figure out combining both of those together in time.
  • Links to photos, code etc:

Morse Code Sender


Photos were all taken by the wonderful Sandra. Thanks Sandra! All her photos can be found here

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