IDEA: Interactive self stirring spoon in a teacup

Idea leader’s name: Angie Duignan

Idea Details: This is the first work in a series titled “The secret Life of Objects”. I would like to make an interactive self stirring spoon in a tea cup & saucer. I also want the spoon to speed up and slow down depending on how close the viewers hand interacts with the work creating a magical effect (Harry Potter esque). I dont want the spoon to just stir around in a symmetrical circle but want to give it a bit of personality so need to work out some mechanism to achieve the effect.

What you need to make it happen?: Someone with electronic,mechanical/industrial design technician,programming background !. Materials needed- Will need a tea cup (with hole drilled out of bottom to fit motor (dont know yet whether it will need a servo motor or dc ? will be contacting my fellow TOG members for advice prior to event regards workable materials needed) filled with liquid (tea like),motor x1, spoon attached by magnet to arm of motor and a sensor (theremin or proximity sensor maybe?) and will probably need an Arduino or something similar to control it, am guessing I obv will need to provide all materials.



2 thoughts on “IDEA: Interactive self stirring spoon in a teacup

  1. You will probably need a radial shaft seal to prevent the liquid from leaving though the hole. I’d suggest you use a dc gear motor, they are easy to control and can, depending on their gear, go slow & powerful enough.

  2. I think you should be able to 3D a gear assembly that will give a motion that appears somewhat erractic. Colm is bring a 3D printer and plenty of gear assemblies on thingiverse

    Another Idea would be to have an electromagnet turn on occasionally to quickly move the spoon to the side. Lots of fun to be had :)

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