IDEA: Batman builds Buses

Idea leader’s nameRonan O’Boyle

Idea Details: If you’re like me and don’t have great eyesight then waiting for the bus can change the configuration of your face as you squint at every large object that hurtles around the corner. Before the wind changed I had a thought the last time. If we could use searchlights to project from buses and taxi’s into the night sky then we would be able to take our eyes from our apps and look to the sky as our transport home winds towards us from a distance. Could we use the kinetic energy of the vehicles to power these lights. Could they be big enough to show the number of the bus or if a taxi is occupied or not? Imagine looking over your city and seeing it animated as these quiet dancing lights navigate the streets. The neon sign changed the landscape of our cities, perhaps a new approach can reverse engineer people away from their phones and back into relying on the real world for cues. Maybe its supplementary to our needs but there might be something in it! .

What you need to make it happen?: Lighting designers, Mechanics, Electrical Engineers, Commissioner Gordon, Poor Eyesight but great Vision.

Twitter: @stewdiodub, @ronanoboil



IDEA: Haptic Smartphone Bracelet

Idea leader’s name: Dave Curran

Idea Details: “In these electric age , we wear all mankind as our skin”. Marshall McLuhan What if instead of your smartphone interacting with you via a screen you felt when it wanted to tell you something? This already happens when it vibrates to say a new message has arrived. But I’ve built a bracelet with 12 mobile phone shaker motors. Using an arduino and a sensor the motor that points north shakes. This gives people a new sense of direction as described here Now I want to build a bracelet that can receive input from the dozens of sensors in a smartphone. This will allow many types of information to be conveyed to a wearer. In terms of usage the shaking of a few motors wont give people a huge amount of information. But for someone who is deaf something as simple as the direction of a sound and how loud it is could convey useful information.

What you need to make it happen?: A clothing or other wearable technology designer. I can code, solder and generally make a nuisance of myself. But I have no fashion sense or feeling how to make a wearable device people actually want to wear.

Twitter: @iamreddave

Idea: Invisible Night Skies

Idea leader’s nameJames

Idea Details: Create a visual display that shows Stars in the sky depending on where the person stands in front of it, this could be a display for a cities that shows what could be seen in the nights sky if there was no light pollution.

What you need to make it happen?: A display or a screen that images are projected on to and either a sensor and Digital compass if display is free to be moved around or a Kinetic that can tell direction someone is standing looking at the display to show Star map in direction there looking at, Ideas could be hammered out on what is the best way to do this.


Twitter: @jamesojnr

IDEA: Interactive self stirring spoon in a teacup

Idea leader’s name: Angie Duignan

Idea Details: This is the first work in a series titled “The secret Life of Objects”. I would like to make an interactive self stirring spoon in a tea cup & saucer. I also want the spoon to speed up and slow down depending on how close the viewers hand interacts with the work creating a magical effect (Harry Potter esque). I dont want the spoon to just stir around in a symmetrical circle but want to give it a bit of personality so need to work out some mechanism to achieve the effect.

What you need to make it happen?: Someone with electronic,mechanical/industrial design technician,programming background !. Materials needed- Will need a tea cup (with hole drilled out of bottom to fit motor (dont know yet whether it will need a servo motor or dc ? will be contacting my fellow TOG members for advice prior to event regards workable materials needed) filled with liquid (tea like),motor x1, spoon attached by magnet to arm of motor and a sensor (theremin or proximity sensor maybe?) and will probably need an Arduino or something similar to control it, am guessing I obv will need to provide all materials.



IDEA: The Printworks

Idea leader’s nameColin Keogh

Idea Details: So I’ve just got access to a few 3d printer and suffer a lack of artistic/creative imagination (an unfortunately side effect of long term engineering). So I have the tech but need to ideas? Big fan of science/engineering communication so would love to think up some prints based around this…or anything people can think up.

What you need to make it happen?:Electricity, ideas and design skills. And plenty of patience to wait on prints to finish.

Twitter: @ColinJ_Keogh


Idea: Interactive Projections

Idea leader’s nameNiamh Shaw

Idea Details: I would love to create an animated sequence projected on to the floor or wall, based on my movement. And if not an actual animated sequence, at least a signal generated from my movement. This would give me the starting point for a new science art piece that I’m trying to make. It would be brilliant to collaborate with people on this.

What you need to make it happen?: Kinect camera, projector, software & hardware geniuses. I have SOME programming experience, but really need the assistance of people who are far more comfortable hacking than I am.


Twitter: @niamhiepoos


Idea: Head Exploder

Idea leader’s name: Sinead McDonald

Idea Details: No, not really.. I have a basic DIY EEG kit that I want to play with, see what it’s capable of. I have a bit of an idea around 3D printing emotions, and linking different brainwave patterns to different types of sound/music for a helmet/projector thing.

What you need to make it happen?: Someone with an idea about frequencies/sound? The kit gives .wav files, and you can track different frequencies of brainwaves simultaneously. It also has a motion sensor and can track heart rate etc. You can also dump the raw data (not sure what form it takes..). I dunno – someone from the software/codey end of things who wants to have fun with braaaaains? Throw some ideas around? Pretend to be in Scanners?


Twitter: @sineadw